Just A Little Bit About Me

January 2013

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My sister, Tracy, is the reason for my scrapbooking addiction !! It all started about 12 years ago when I was visiting her in Florida and she showed me her scrapbook. I was immediately hooked. She gave me a few tools, paper, and some embellishments to get started. I came home, sat at my kitchen table and made my first page.

My pages have “grown” since then and so has my supplies! My love of the craft has expanded to card making and other paper crafts in the past couple of years. My only regret is not taking pictures of those cards and such in the past that were given to friends and family. Needless to say, since I thought of trying to create my own blog, I have been taking pics! Lesson learned!

Just to tell you a little about myself…
I live in Northwest Pennsylvania—‘Steeler Country’, about one hour north of Pittsburgh. I am married to a very kind and loving man. Who jokingly says all this ” stuff ” keeps growing and that someday he will have no space and have to sleep in his truck! Maybe I should learn to sew him a nice warm blanket!!
I have 2 grown children, and 2 beautiful grandchildren. Oh…and a 15 year old cat named Chloe, who thinks my bed is hers!!
I have been an LPN for 17 years but am now retired. I was recently diagnosed with an aggressive thyroid cancer that had metastasized and as of this writing… I am a cancer survivor!

Hope you enjoy my little corner of cyberspace,
Thanks for stopping by!
Cindy 🙂



I enjoy receiving and reading comments!!

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